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Hello!  Welcome to my blog.  If you are hoping to stumble across pithy anecdotes of my life, I’m sorry to disappoint.  This is my little corner of the internet to put things I don’t want to lose.  Much like my dining table and the bottom of my handbag, it will soon be covered in scrawled notes and bits and bobs I’ve forgotten the significance of.

The plan is to use it to share recipes and baking tips, show off crafty creations, and maybe one day get around to writing some knitting and crochet patterns.  The inspiration comes from a  post on a parenting forum that asked for baking recipes that toddlers can help with (that sentence was really hard to write so it didn’t sound like I was trying to squash a toddler in my oven).  I was going to post mine, and came up with the better idea of putting the recipe somewhere else, then I’d be able to link to it in future instead of typing it out again.  And then it could also be a place to put those patterns I’m going to write one day, but are as yet one finished object and a few scrawled notes.

My littlest boy is egg and dairy intolerant. I imagine quite a few posts will be about the adventures of egg and dairy free baking.  But not all, this page is powered by a cheese omelette. And delicious it was too.

I’m mostly a pattern follower and/or adapter when it comes to crafty projects, but sometimes I start from scratch.  My yarn related endeavours can be seen over on Ravelry. I find knitting and crochet the easiest to pick up and put down as small children demand, but there is hope for more variety in the future. I even sewed a dress recently.

I feel the need to cast on yet another knitting project (no, I don’t know how many on the go that will make), so enjoy!

8 October 2011

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