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Knit skirt Chapter 1: choosing pattern and fabric

6 May, 2017

If this is chapter one, then the prologue is that for ages I've wanted a black skirt to cover my bum when I want to wear leggings and a shirt, but the shirt just isn't quite long enough to wear with leggings alone. Yep, I'm in the leggings are not pants camp. I bought Butterick 5566 for this at least a couple of years ago, and some black ponte last year some time.

I'm going to use view E.

I want the skirt to be as comfortable as the rest of the outfit, hence going for knit. I've gone for ponte, because it's fairly stable, while still being soft and stretchy. I find it much easier to cut out and sew, and hopefully it will keep its shape.

You might have noticed B5566 is for woven fabric. I was originally going to make it as is, zip and all, as the ponte is fairly stable. Then I got my fabric out and I think it will be stretchy enough to be zip less, so I'll take out the centre back seam (I can always put in a side zip if necessary) and make the facing an elastic casing. I'll probably also line it with some tricot, to stop the skirt sticking to leggings issue. I usually wear a half slip, but it will be nice not have to bother.

Now to sort out what size to make, and then how to make that fit. That might be a whole new post of its own.

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