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Me Made May: Week 1 ish

11 May, 2015

I’ve been wearing some things I made. I may even have learnt a little about what I like in a garment. I really thought I’d be wearing sewn dresses, but it’s been a bit chilly so it’s been more like woolly jumpers.

2 May was a lazy day lounging around at home. I tried to make some jersey trousers last year for days like this. Trouser fitting and me have never got on, and trying to tissue fit knit fabric turned out to be a laughable idea. The end result: my me made things were some knitted socks.

3 May was still cold, so cowl necked aran weight knitwear today. Short sleeved, in a concession to spring. It’s a stocking stitch version of Lawrence.

This jumper is definitely an Autumn/Spring item. Short sleeves is just too cold in winter, but it doesn’t take much to be too hot, which is not warm enough for no jumper at all. But when it’s Goldilocks weather (not too hot and not too cold) for this jumper it gets a lot of wear.

4 May we went for a walk, so out came a short dress to wear with leggings, and thick hand knit welly socks.

A little too short to be comfortable really, I would only wear it with extra thick tights or leggings. I’m not sure why I decided to take a whole 8″ off the pattern length. It’s McCalls “perfect knit dress” M5974. I do need to do a sway back adjustment on this if I make it again. And there is no reason why I couldn’t sew a little tuck across the back.

And to keep my neck warm a very loud scarf. Definitely out of my comfort zone with this colour, but I think it’s ok? Maybe?

5 May I was at work, so you get a selfie of me in my me made surgical hat.

6 May I still hadn’t warmed up from being out in a windy field the evening before, so coat and a crocheted scarf.

7 May was coat weather again, but hidden underneath was my new favourite skirt, recycled from a pair of wide leg trousers found in a charity shop. It’s McCall’s basic straight skirt (3830) with added lining and at 19″ length. The perfect length for me I’ve decided. Doesn’t feel too short when I sit down, nor too long when I stand up. The four year old was on photography duty again today. Not his best work.


8 May, no photos, but the skirt from yesterday and the cowl neck jumper again.

9 May another lounging day, and with my newly service sewing machine, I completely resewed my stretch trousers. They are M6571, view D; this time two sizes smaller, with the small front darts where I’d had none before, and let out the centre front seam a little in the middle (tapering to no extra fabric at waist and crotch). Too small now, but wearable with a suitable for leggings (i.e. butt covering length) top. I’ve never made a successful pair of trousers before, but I think I might be close with these if I made the next size up.

Yeah, think I should stick to skirts and dresses.

10 May: My first version of the McCalls perfect knit dress last seen in black cotton knit. This is a lighter viscose, and a much longer skirt. The neck is a bit open due to messing up the neck line the first time around and having to cut it off. Also this was before I discovered I should do a 1cm slope shoulder adjustment as a matter of course. I think with some bra holding clips to hold it on my shoulder ( not that it shifts that much, just enough to show straps), it will be fine. And looking at this unflattering photo, a chunky necklace might be a good idea.

I do love this print. And that’s my Cassidy cardigan, with a collar instead of a hood. I wear this a lot.

11 May: Today I haven’t worn any me made garments, but soon I will snuggle under this me made blanket.


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