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Me Made May

1 May, 2015

Since I got back into garment making, and started using the wonderful resource that is other sewers' blogs, I've seen a bit about Me Made May. This year, I'm joining in. If you're still thinking “Me Made May?”, have a look here, on the “So, Zo” blog.

I haven't actually posted my pledge yet, but I'm aiming to wear some of my more neglected me made items, well as those already in regular rotation, and try work out what does and doesn't make for a successful garment for me. Better head over there and comment now.

It might be may May, but it's gone a bit chilly here. Just as well in a way, because I only just finished my winter coat last week. Still in the process of writing it up, if you want details. It's Vogue 8346. The weather gave me a chance to wear that this morning walking to school.

The littlest Tiger took some photos with my phone on the way home. Hopefully I'll get photo storage issues sorted out soon and better photos will follow.

I'm also wearing a me made scarf/shawlette, Damask.

Underneath, which you can't see is my Cassidy cardigan which no doubt you'll see more of because I seem to wear it at least every second day, if not more.

Finally, some me made mittens wore worn today, if not by me.



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